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quiet time


It's been such a long time since I've blogged anywhere, so I figured it'd be nice to have a fresh start. C:

I started university last fall finally and I'm finally getting used to living here in this quiet town. u3u To be honest, it's really boring here, but there are lots of restaurants downtown and the scenery is really nice. I'm pretty sure people could do a photoshoot here, maybe. ;> Friends-wise, I'm doing okay. I'm making more friends and a lot of people here are really nice. My favorite class this quarter is Japanese, the teacher is really sweet and I just love language classes in general. I am planning on switching from my Sociology major to East Asian Studies as I find that to be a lot more interesting, so we'll see how that goes. I'll try to turn in the form tomorrow. C:

I've gotten hooked back into lolita, well, at least lolita lurking. I really, really like AP's Dream Sky, but the shape of the JSK is going to look terrible on me since I'm already fat. orz I swear, all the princess prints are going to end up on my wishlist, like Flying Love From Juliet, Beauty and the Rose Promise, & whatnot! I really love them, if I wasn't a broke student, I'd get them all right now if I could! I'm really happy that I've been able to curb my spending somewhat this quarter, enough so that I can reserve AatP's Trick Hat, Pricked Heart Babydoll JSK in black! I really love it, and while it's still a babydoll, it seems a lot more flattering than Dream Sky. I'm going to reserve it tomorrow and hopefully it all works out. :3 When I went to ALA in January, I saw a lot of people wearing AP's Jewelry Jelly. I'm really fond of it, so I'm sure that will go onto my list as well. Anyways, I'm super excited!
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quiet time

March 2012

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